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Dr. George Gorich is a licensed certified physician for Medical Marijuana.  He is registered with the Department of Health to certify patients.   

Medical marijuana is an affordable and effective to many traditional prescription medicines.  It is proven to treat symptoms and side effects of countless diseases and ailments, and has fewer side effects than many traditional medicines.  In many cases, medical marijuana is the only relief for seriously ill patients. 

A patient has to be examined and has to have a serious condition that will benefit the use of medical marijuana.  

Patients who may qualify for the program are strongly encouraged to talk to Dr. Gorich about whether medical marijuana can benefit them.   New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program allows patients who suffer from designated serious conditions who also have a condition clinically associated with, or a complication of, a serious condition to be certified by Dr. Gorich to receive marijuana for medical use.   
 In order to obtain medical marijuana, a patient must receive a DOH Medical Marijuana Program certification from a registered physician. The patient must then access DOH's online Patient Registration System to apply for a registry identification card. Additional information regarding registration can be found at:   

To apply for a registry card, certified patients will need: a valid DOH Medical Marijuana Program certification form issued and signed by Dr. Gorich, a photographic identification, documentation of his or her temporary or permanent New York State residency, and designated caregiver information, if applicable. A patient who is under the age of eighteen or who is otherwise incapable of consenting must apply through a proxy.   Patients with valid registry identification cards are then eligible to purchase medical marijuana from one of the dispensing locations across the State.    

                     Dr. George Gorich is located in Putnam Hospital Center 
                                               672 Stoneleigh Avenue, 
                                 Suite C-116 Carmel, New York 10512. 
                                       Call for information:  914-860-6577                  

     Fri 6AM - 5PM
     Sat: 6AM - 5PM

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