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Do You Know Someone Who is dependent on Heroin or PAIN KILLERS?
Help May Be as Close as This Doctor's Office
Help Them Regain Control Over Their Lives.
Convenient, Private Medical Treatment Is Available for Opioid Dependence.
Ask for more information about treatment for opioid dependence - now available for the first time in the privacy of Dr. George Gorich office.
Opioid dependence is increasingly a problem in many communities.  Furthermore, an estimated 20% or more of individuals interested in getting help for their dependence avoid seeking treatment because of the stigma attached to the condition and limited treatment availability.
A new law has been enacted which allows for office based treatment of opioid dependence.
Many more people are becoming dependent. In 2001, approximately 2.4 million Americans began using prescription pain relievers non medically for the first time.  This is a 282% increase over the numbers from 1990, when an estimated 628,000 first-time users were recorded. Repeated Use Can Lead to Dependence
Medical/Recreational Drug Use, Relief of Pain/Pleasure, Repeated Drug Use, Changes in the Brain, Cravings and Fear of Withdrawal, Inappropriate Drug Use, and finally Drug Dependence
Continued Drug Use Causes Changes in the Brain That Can Lead to:
  • Drug tolerance
  • Physical dependence
  • Cravings
  • Relapse
For this reason, I have become trained in office-based treatment of opioid dependence and expect to begin offering this service to patients as of July 1, 2000.  Opioid dependent patients often prefer office-based treatment because it allows for greater privacy than more traditional forms of care.  In addition, because the medication used (buprenorphine) is available by prescription, office-based treatment is often more flexible and convenient than other treatments.
I am available for consultation and referrals.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my treatment services further and together we can help patients who suffer from opioid dependence.
Call for information and to schedule an appointment:   914-874-3301
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